Biophysics and Molecular Materials

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G1b AFM-based single molecule force spectroscopy

Blockpraktikum Biophysik - Praktikumsversuch G1b

This one-day lab course investigates the unfolding and dissociation properties of a protein receptor-ligand binding partners on a single-molecule level. You will rupture single protein complexes with the an atomic force microscope (AFM) cantilever. From recorded force-extension profiles you will extract insights into the molecule’s mechanical properties.


The course ranges from common laboratory methods like absorption spectroscopy, to application of elaborate site-specific surface functionalization techniques for covalently immobilizing proteins of interest on glass slides, to finally using a state of the art atomic force microscope to perform the measurements.

Please contact your supervising tutor to receive the lab manual and additional material beforehand.

Supervising tutor: