Biophysics and Molecular Materials

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Biophysics and Molecular Materials

Welcome to the Chair of Applied Physics, Biophysics and Molecular Materials


Group leaders:

     hermann gaub    benoit_cropped    lipfert_j_resized_cropped     
      Prof. Hermann Gaub       Dr. Martin Benoit        Prof. Jan Lipfert             
                (Chair)                                               (Lipfert Lab webpage)    

Research Areas:

Molecular Devices

The rapid development of scanned probe technologies allowing the precise application and measurement of minute forces has opened exciting new perspectives in more


Designer Cellulosomes - Fuel from Waste

designer cellulosomesBiofuel from wood and waste will be a substantial share of our future energy mix.The hydrocarbons in these materials are tightly packed by lignin.
The conversion of lignocellulose to fermentable polysaccharides is the current more

Cell Adhesion

celladhesionCell to cell adhesion between live Dictyostelium cells was measured in a collaboration with Gerisch's group at the MPI more


Force & Function

force and functionGiven the prominence of strain resisting structures e.g. cytoskeleton, muscle or proteins involved in cell adhesion, force sensors play a pivotal role in the maintenance of viability and integrity of more



Single Molecule Cut & Paste

Nanoscale Functional Assembly

single molecule cut and pasteBottom up assembly of functional molecular ensembles with novel properties emerging fromcomposition and arrangement of
its constituents is a prime goal of more





      sackmann    prof_stierstadt   

Prof. Erich Sackmann  Prof. Klaus Stierstadt   

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