Biophysics and Molecular Materials

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Lab seminar

21.03.22 Damla Tetiker ""               ! from now on Monday !
15.03.22 Willem Vanderlinden "complex DNA-repair"
08.03.22 Samuel Stubhan "Pac-man nano"
01.03.22 Peter Müller "Nucleosome triple on DNA"
22.02.22 Pauline Kolbeck "Secret origamis"
17.02.22 Margaritha Gallano "Grande finale di master"
08.01.22 Sophia Gruber "high force hopping in VWF"
02.02.22 Damla Tetiker "Teardrops are decimated on Mica..."
26.01.22 Yi-Yun Lin "Nucleosomes stepwise"
18.01.22 Peter Müller "Masterplan"
11.01.22 Samuel Stubhan "inverse VWF"
04.01.22 Sophia Gruber "the story of my PhD"
21.12.21 X-Mas "wt,α,β,γ,δ,κ,μ,ο,... halleluja"
14.12.21 Sebastian Konrad "programming the future (with higher resolution)"
07.12.21 Pauline Kolbeck "HIV1-Integrase, DNA compaction & LEDGINs"
30.11.21 --- ---
23.11.21 Johannes Dietrich "EM views of Myosin IXa on actin"
16.11.21 Willem Vanderlinden "striking mutations of Corona proteins"
4-5.11.21 ----Utrecht---- "Who is, who resarched Biophysics?"
02.11.21 Margherita Gallano "HIV-I integrase in MT"
26.10.21 Martin Benoit "VWF under (high) tension"


14.12.20 Magnus Bauer ""
07.12.20 Willem Vanderlinden "Dynamics of protein-induced bridging in supercoiled DNA"
30.11.20 Samuel Stubhan "That's nice - but how big is it? Size estimation of DNA origami lattices"
23.11.20 Leonard Schendel "Single chain Strepdavidin - precise control of the tetramer"
09.11.20 Yi-Yun Lin "Litigation-free method to construct torsionally constrained DNA for single-molecule assay"
02.11.20 Adina Hausch "Force Spectroscopy of von Willebrand Factor in the Low-Force Regime"
26.10.20 Sebastian Konrad "Epigenetic modifications and nucleosome wrapping"
19.10.20 Pauline Kolbeck "DNA compaction by HIV-I integrase"
12.10.20 Magnus Bauer und Sophia Gruber "About sharp tips and tiny beads - Tethered ligands in all forms”
22.06.20 Willem Vanderlinden "Fluctuations in supercoiled DNA"
08.06.20 Yi-Yun Lin "Nucleosome Dynamics In Magnetic Tweezers"
25.05.20 Tobias Forster "The Salt Dependence of the Twist of DNA"
18.05.20 Aidin Lak "DNA labelling of magnetic nanoparticles"
11.05.20 Sophia Gruber "The Moppel-Mania"
04.05.20 Pauline Kolbeck "DNA Compaction by HIV-1 Integrase"
27.04.20 Magnus Bauer "Going viral..."
20.04.20 Sebastian Konrad "Nucleosomes by AFM"
06.04.20 Samuel Stubhan "Assembly of DNA Origami Lattices"
30.03.20 Nina Beier "Combining force spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy using magnetic tweezers and TIRF microscopy"
23.03.20 Adina Hausch "Von Willebrand Factor: Reaction to Small Forces"
23.03.20 Felix Brandner "Retroviral Integration in Nucleosomes and Chromatin"
16.03.20 Sarah Hofstetter Bachelor Thesis Final Talk: "Mica surface functionalization and its effect on DNA and nucleosomes in AFM imaging"
09.03.20 Anna Baptist "Using SAXS/ASAXS as a molecular ruler in proteins"
02.03.20 Gloria Müller "Polymer Coating and DNA Functionalization of Magnetic Nanoparticles"
27.01.20 Willem Vanderlinden "Biopolymer adsorption at solid-liquid interfaces"
20.01.20 Benedikt Böck "Assembly and Optimization of a Magnetic Tweezer Setup for highly Parallel Measurements"
13.01.20 Steffen Sedlak "Unfolding Streptavidin"
16.12.19 Yi-Yun Lin "Nucleosome Dynamics In Magnetic Tweezers"
02.12.19 Aidin Lak "Synthesis and surface modification of magnetic nanoparticles"
25.11.19 Sophia Gruber "Pulling on Proteins with Magnetic Tweezers"
18.11.19 Pauline Kolbeck "SYBR Gold Binding to DNA Characterized by Magnetic Tweezers and Fluorescence Spectroscopy"
11.11.19 Magnus Bauer "No more Focal Adhesions ;-)"
04.11.19 Leonard Schendel "Single molecule manipulation in zero mode waveguides & SMD-guided protein engineering"
21.10.19 Linus Weigand Bachelor Thesis Final Talk: "Quantitative Modelling of Magnetic Nanoparticles"
14.10.19 Sebastian Konrad Research update
12.08.19 Hongbin Li "The unfolding-folding mechanism of small iron-sulfur proteins probed by single molecule force spectroscopy"
29.07.19 Samuel Stubhan "Assembly Kinetics and Structure of DNA Origami Lattices Revealed by Time-Resolved SAXS"
22.07.19 Louis de Gaste "Numerical methods for AFM image processing"
15.07.19 Andreas Schmid "Characterization of Phage Display Peptide Affinity by Adhesins Srr1 and Srr2 of Streptococcus Agalactiae"
01.07.19 Yi-Yun Lin "Nucleosome Dynamics In Magnetic Tweezers"
24.06.19 Nolan Holland "Protein Based Theranostic Nanoparticles"
17.06.19 Pauline Kolbeck "Statistics of DNA Branching"
03.06.19 Aidin Lak "Size control synthesis ofZnxFe3-xO4nanocubes"
27.05.19 Carleen Kluger "Mechanical strength of receptor-ligand interactions in cell adhesion and gamete fusion"
20.05.19 Sophia Gruber "Pulling on proteins in magnetic tweezers"
13.05.19 Lea Wassermann "The Effect of Temperature on the Torsional Stiffness of DNA"
06.05.19 Res Jöhr "Proteins for (Single) MoleculeManipulation Techniques"
29.04.19 Paul Hansma „Scanning Probe Microscopy: Beginnings and Beyond”
08.04.19 Willem Vanderlinden "Ru(TAP)32+ uses multivalency to accelerate and constrain photoadduct formation with DNA"
01.04.19 Marc-Andre LeBlanc "Phage Display to Identify Novel Adhesin Ligands"
25.03.19 Louis de Gaste "Numerical methods for AFM images analysis"
18.03.19 Felix Brandner "Force Spectroscopy Characterization of Novel Peptide Ligands of Srr1 and Srr2"
11.03.19 Isabelle Stüwe "Investigation of Position-dependent Amplitudes from Ultrasound Reflectors Reconstructed with the Total Focusing Method by Simulation and Experiment"
25.02.19 Achim Löf “Von Willebrand factor (and others) in magnetic tweezers”
18.02.19 Leonard Schendel "Real-time observation of single biotin binding
 in zero-mode waveguides"
11.02.19 Steffen Sedlak "Research update: the streptavidin:biotin interaction"
04.02.19 Jonas Fischer "Comparing the Mechanical Interaction Strengths of Avidin-like Proteins with Biotin"
28.01.19 Pauline Kolbeck "Dynamics of DNA Translocation of Thermally Switchable Nanopores & Properties of the Fluorescent Dye SYBR Gold in Interaction with DNA"
21.01.19 Philipp Müller "Influence of Ligand Binding on the Mechanical Stability of Streptavidin"
14.01.19 Tassilo von Trotha "Probing the Photoswitching and Binding Behaviour of LOVIpaA in the Presence of Vd1"
17.12.18 Samuel Stubhan "SAXS Measurements on Large Scale DNA Origami"
10.12.18 Yi-Yun Lin "Research update"
03.12.18 Sebastian Konrad "Nucleosome wrapping states measured by AFM"
26.11.18 Aidin Lak "Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic nanotweezers"
05.11.18 Lukas Milles "Modulated forces"
29.10.18 Sophia Gruber "Nanostructure arrays for multispectral and polarimetric biomedical imaging"
22.10.18 Enrico Skoruppa "Twist-bend coupling in DNA - From ground state mechanics to chiral entropic elasticity"
08.10.18 Carleen Kluger "AFM-SMFS of Vinculin Binding Sites (VBS)"
01.10.18 Res Jöhr "Evaluation of light switchable proteins for use in SMFS"
17.09.18 Valentin Grube Master Thesis Final Talk
10.09.18 Marc-Andre LeBlanc "Techniques to Investigate Pathogen Adhesion"
13.08.18 Aron Venczel Bachelor Thesis Final Talk
30.07.18 Laura Krumm Bachelor Thesis Final Talk
23.07.18 Lea Wassermann Master Thesis Introductiory Talk
16.07.18 Magnus Bauer "Next level"
09.07.18 Antonia Hager Bachelor Thesis Final Talk
02.07.18 Tobias Verdorfer "Research update"
25.06.18 Lori van de Cauter "Internship Final Talk”
11.06.18 Willem Vanderlinden DNA Supercoil Dynamics
04.06.18 Philipp Walker "Research update"
28.05.18 Leonard Schendel "Research update"
14.05.18 Eduard Unterauer Master Thesis Final Talk
07.05.18 Steffen Sedlak "Research update"
23.04.18 Wolfgang Ott "Progress report"
16.04.18 Lukas Milles "Pathogen mechanics and mechanisms"
09.04.18 Achim Löf "Research update"
19.03.18 Carleen Kluger "Forces in mammalien cell adhesion"
12.03.18 Aidin Lak "Biophysical applications of magnetic nanoparticles"
05.03.18 Larissa Zott Bachelor Thesis Final Talk
26.02.18 Res Jöhr „Research Update on light-switchable Proteins“
05.02.18 Katy Erlich "Research update"
29.01.18 Ellis Durner "BLI immobilization and analysis, CohE revisited"
22.01.18 Willem Vanderlinden "Probing single molecules with correlative fluorescence- and force microscopy"
15.01.18 Magnus Bauer "Everything you wanted to know about FAK but might have been afraid to ask!“
08.01.18 Tobias Verdorfer "Progress Report: Dismantling the Cellulosome One Cohesin at a Time, Part III"
18.12.17 Michael Hafner Bachelor Thesis Final Talk
11.12.17 Steffen Sedlak "About Streptavidin"
04.12.17 Sebastian Konrad Master Thesis Final Talk: "DNA and nucleosome structure from AFM data"
20.11.17 Leonard Schendel "Progress Report: Simultaneous Force Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Zero-Mode Waveguides"
23.10.17 Lukas Milles "Molecular Mechanisms"
16.10.17 Achim Löf "Research update"
09.10.17 Carleen Kluger "Rupture forces of receptor-ligand systems at cell-cell-junction and focal adhesions"
25.09.17 Res Jöhr "Light-switchable Proteins"
31.07.17 Markus Jobst "ELP SMFS-linkers, Cut & Paste, DNA-Origami"
17.07.17 Ellis Durner "Immobilization Strategies for BLI"
10.07.17 Iris Ruider Bachelor Thesis Final Talk: "Establishing a Force Activation Model System based on a DNA-Hairpin"
26.06.17 Katy Erlich "monoST Paper, Microchannel Design, Rebuilding AFM / TIRFM Setup, and Onwards to Enzymes!"
19.06.17 Eduard Unterauer Master Thesis Introductory Talk:"Adhesion of grampositive bacteria
through MSCRAMMs"
12.06.17 Marvin Freitag Master Thesis Final Talk: "Establishing DNA
BS-Transition as a Force Standard in SMFS"
29.05.17 Linda Brützel "SAXS on DNA origami"
22.05.17 Magnus Bauer "Alternative tethering chemistry to get better contour length increments of FAK"
15.05.17 Thomas Zettl "Remeasuring the Holliday Junction"
08.05.17 Philipp Walker "Homage to failed, stopped and unnecessary projects"
10.04.17 Lena Demmeler Bachelor Thesis Final Talk: "Investigation of Micellar Size and Shape at an In-house SAXS setup under Variation of Temperature"
03.04.17 Willem Vanderlinden "Intasome topology governs the energy landscape of retroviral integration"
27.03.17 Tobias Verdorfer "Dismantling the Cellulosome One Cohesin at a Time, Part II"
20.03.17 Johannes Emmerig "Forcing DNA in a circle"
13.03.17 Steffen Sedlak "The puzzling behavior of a receptor ligand system"
06.03.17 Wolfgang Ott "Research update"
27.02.17 Leonard Schendel "Zero-Mode Waveguides and their potential Application"
20.02.17 Ann-Kathrin Wagner Master Thesis Final Talk: "Membranviskosität und laterale Bewegung von Membranproteinen in Escherichia coli"
13.02.17 Achim Löf "Research update: von Willebrand factor"
06.02.17 Franziska Kriegel "From Social categories to discrimination"
30.01.17 Markus Jobst "DNA Origami and ELP persistence lengths"
23.01.17 Lukas Milles "Research update"
16.01.17 Ellis Durner "Research update"
09.01.17 Linda Brützel "Conformational Changes and Flexibility of DNA Devices Observed by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering"
05.12.16 Magnus Bauer "Less is not always more!"
28.11.16 Katy Erlich "Single-Molecule Cut & Paste with New Handles and (soon) Enzymes"
21.11.16 Aylin Meinhold Master Thesis Final Talk: "Towards High Throughput Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy Using Microfluidics"
14.11.16 Thomas Zettl Update research
07.11.16 Sebastian Konrad Master Thesis Introductory Talk
31.10.16 Philipp Walker "High Speed Measurements on DNA with MT"
24.10.16 Willem Vanderlinden "Functional roles for accessory DNA-binding interfaces in the PFV intasome"
17.10.16 Tobias Verdorfer "Dismantling the Cellulosome One Cohesin at a Time"
10.10.16 Steffen Sedlak "Biotin: Streptavidin - A Receptor Ligand System (re-)loaded"
12.09.16 Constantin Schöler "Status Update on Fingerprint Biasing and ScaB"
29.08.16 Diana Pippig "New and Old Biomolecular Interactions Put Through Their Paces"
08.08.16 Sophie Tschirpke Master Thesis Final Talk: "Magnetic Tweezers Measurements on TBP – DNA Complexes"
01.08.16 Aksana Svirydava Bachelor Thesis Final Talk: "Influence of DNA topology on retroviral integration"
25.07.16 Pauline Kolbeck Bachelor Thesis Final Talk: "DNA Branching and its Effects on Retroviral Integration Kinetics"
18.07.16 Marvin Freitag Master Thesis Introductory Talk
18.07.16 Lukas Milles "Chemistry and Force"
11.07.16 Wolfgang Ott "Exploring the cellulosomal space"
27.06.16 Achim Löf "Research update: von Willebrand factor"
20.06.16 Franziska Kriegel "Multiplexed Magnetic Torque Tweezers and the Torsional Stiffness of DNA"
13.06.16 Markus Jobst "Exploring the limits of Nanoscale Surface Functionalization"
06.06.16 Katy Erlich "Single Molecule Cut-and-Paste and FRET"
30.05.16 Linda Brützel "SAXsy Origami"
23.05.16 Ellis Durner "Research update"
09.05.16 Tine Brouns "The role of host proteins for retroviral integration"
02.05.16 Alexander Borowac Master Thesis Final Talk: "Implementierung optischer Stimulationen am Port-a-Patch am Beispiel von Channelrhodopsin-2"
25.04.16 Fabian Baumann "MLCK activation process investigated by AFM-SMFS"
21.03.16 Magnus Bauer "There is more to life than Focal Adhesion Kinase"
14.03.16 Thomas Zettl "Gold nanocrystals and what they are good for using Bio-SAXS"
07.03.16 Philipp Walker "High Speed Measurements on DNA with MT"
29.02.16 Willem Vanderlinden "Unravelling retroviral integration"
22.02.16 Tobias Verdorfer "The XDoc3-IVTT problem (or why you should always double check and never assume)"
15.02.16 Sarvesh Kumar Srivastava "Introduction to Micromotors"
01.02.16 Sophie Tschirpke Master Thesis Introductory Talk
25.01.16 Constantin Schöler "Effects of fingerprint domains on receptor ligand unbinding statistics using Monte Carlo Simulations - or what you do when your experiments fail"
18.01.16 Samuel Stubhan Bachelor Thesis Final Talk: "DNA Supercoiling Measured with Magnetic Tweezers"
14.12.15 Leonard Schendel Master Thesis Introductory Talk: "Combined Force and Fluorescence Spectroscopy"
14.12.15 Aylin Meinhold Master Thesis Introductory Talk: "From more genes to more protein mechanics on more chips"
07.12.15 Diana Pippig "Monovalent Strep-Tactin - a Molecular Tool for Advanced Single-Molecule Studies"
30.11.15 Stella Capone Master Thesis Final Talk: "Bending sub-persistence length double-stranded nucleic acids with a molecular vise"
23.11.15 Jochen Müller "Force sensing by the vascular protein von Willebrand factor is tuned by a strong intermonomer interaction"
09.11.15 Achim Löf "Conformational and Binding Studies on Single Von Willebrand Factor Dimers"
26.10.15 Steffen Sedlak "Detecting Conformational Changes by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering"
19.10.15 Jürgen Kreiter Master Thesis Final Talk: "Protein Force Spectroscopy Using Magnetic Tweezers"
16.10.15 Susanna Früh "Elucidation of fibronectin fibril architecture combining site-specific bioconjugation and super-resolution microscopy"
13.10.15 Evgeny Kuznetsov "Yeast SUN family of proteins with predicted glucanase activity that are potentially involved in cell wall remodeling and cell separation"
12.10.15 Fabian Bietz "Generation and characterization of TALE nucleases
with novel catalytic domains"
05.10.15 Wolfgang Ott "Chances and challenges of alienized cellulosomes"
28.09.15 Christof Beer Master Thesis Final Talk: "AFM Imaging Studies on Von Willebrand Factor”
14.09.15 Klara Malinowska "Force spectroscopy on cellulosome-anchoring cohesin:dockerin complexes"
11.09.15 Salomé Mielke Master Thesis Final Talk: "Dissecting the force response of Von Willebrand Factor on single-molecule level"
07.09.15 Julian Nguyen Bachelor Thesis Final Talk
31.08.15 Dr. Martin Benoit "Inter- and Intramolecular Interactions of VWF"
10.08.15 Annalena Salditt Bachelor Thesis Final Talk
27.07.15 Ruby Sullan "Pulling speed-independent interaction between Mad10 peptide and magnetite thin films: A single-molecule study"
06.07.15 Niklas Ermann Bachelor Thesis Final Talk
29.06.15 Lukas Milles "Single(sic)-Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy"
22.06.15 Markus Jobst "Manipulation, Analysis, and Application of Molecular Recognition - Dual Binding Modes & Single Protein Cut and Paste"
15.06.15  Linda Brützel "An Inhouse Source for Biological Small Angle X-ray Scattering"
08.06.15  Magnus Bauer Master Thesis Final Talk: "Spotlight on the characteristic unfolding pattern of Focal Adhesion Kinase"
01.06.15  Willem Vanderlinden "AFM Imaging of DNA Protein Interaction"
18.05.15  Johannes Stein Bachelor Thesis Final Talk
11.05.15  Katherine Erlich "Enzymes in SMC&P: T7 DNA Ligase, Pfu Polymerase"
27.04.15  Jacques Scheller "A Parallel, High-Throughput Molecular Force Assay for Protein-DNA Interactions"
20.04.15  Daniela Aschenbrenner "Parallelisierte und kraftbasierte Messung von Protein-Interaktionen"
13.04.15  Klara Kulenkampff Temperature controlled magnetic tweezers
30.03.15  Alexander Borowac Master Thesis Introductory Talk
16.03.15  Johannes Dietrich Bachelor Thesis Final Talk
09.03.15  Fabian Baumann "Tip localization of an AFM in transmission microscopy with nanoscale precision"
02.03.15  Constantin Schöler "Force is a vector and bacteria know"
23.02.15  Thomas Zettl "DNA Tile-Based Ion Channels” & ASAXS Distance Measurements"
16.02.15  Tobias Verdorfer "Accelerating and Parallelizing Sample Preparation for SMFS on a Microfluidic Chip"
09.02.15  Philipp Walker "Force Spectroscopy on Protein and Protein-DNA Interaction with Magnetic Tweezers"
02.02.15  Diana Pippig "Strep-Tactin is dead, long live Deathtactin"
19.01.15  Steffen Sedlak Master Thesis Introductory Talk: "Detecting Conformational Changes by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering"
12.01.15  Stella Capone Master Thesis Introductory Talk: "Bending sub-persistence length double-stranded nucleic acids with a molecular vise"
08.12.14  Wolfgang Ott "Beyond Cellulosomes"
01.12.14  Michael Nash "Cellulosome-based Materials"
17.11.14  Anna Kristina Marel "Characterization of Biosystems with the AFM"
10.11.14  Linda Brützel "Small Angle X-ray Scattering to Study Biological Macromolecules in Solution"
03.11.14  Salomé Mielke, Christof Beer, Achim Löf Master Thesis Introductory Talk: "Studies on Von Willebrand Factor"
27.10.14  Isabelle Stüwe Bachelor Thesis Final Talk
20.10.14  Jürgen Kreiter "Force Spectroscopy of Protein in Magnetic Tweezers"
13.10.14  Klara Malinowska "Single molecule force spectroscopy on cohesin-dockerin complexes. The story continues."
06.10.14  Franziska Kriegel "Cooperative Binding of Nucleotides using Thermophoresis and pH Gradients on a Microfluidic Rocky Membrane"
15.09.14  Jochen Mueller "Mechanics of von Willebrand Factor under varied pH conditions"
01.09.14 Ellis Durner Master Thesis Final Talk: "Cellulosomal Components under Mechanical Load"
30.06.14  Ann-Kathrin Wagner Bachelor Thesis Final Talk:"Calibrating Forces and Torques in Magnetic Tweezers"
16.06.14  Lukas Milles "Infering pathways from Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy data"
02.06.14  Martin Benoit "Mechanical and biophysical properties of VWF in single molecule and cell adhesion force experiments"
26.05.14  Kamila Klamecka "GFP-Nanobody: unbinding the binder"
19.05.14  Jacques Scheller Master Thesis Introductory Talk: "Quantifying protein-DNA interactions with a molecular force assay"
19.05.14  Magnus Bauer Master Thesis Introductory Talk: "Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy on Focal Adhesion Kinase"
05.05.14  Jan Lipfert "Nucleic Acid-Ion Interactions"
14.04.14  Angelika Jahn Bachelor Thesis Final Talk
31.03.14  Tobias Verdorfer "A Versatile Cellulase Activity and Localization Assay"
17.03.14  Julian Stein Bachelor Thesis Final Talk: "Studying the specific interaction of aVb3 and a5b1 integrins with fibronectin by AFM single cell force measurements"
10.03.14  Fabian Baumann "Studying enzymes in zero-mode waveguides"
03.03.14  Victor Funk Bachelor Thesis Final Talk
24.02.14 Markus Jobst "From Genes to Protein Mechanics on a Microfluidic Chip"
17.02.14  Ediz Sariisik "Biophysics of the Molecular Recognition in Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis"
10.02.14  Robert Hayes "Nanostructure-function relationships in Ionic Liquids"
03.02.14  Daniela Aschenbrenner "Measuring protein-protein interactions with the Molecular Force Assay - An analysis of Nanobody-GFP binding"
20.01.14  Jan Lipfert "Magnetic tweezers: how do they work, what are they good for, and how can their capabilities be expanded?"
16.12.13  Philipp Walker Master Thesis Introductory Talk: "DNA-Protein-Interaction studied with Magnetic Tweezers"
09.12.13  Uta Wienken Dissertationsvortrag: "Probing living cells with the molecular force assay"
04.12.13 13:00 Uhr  Prof. Mathias Gautel, King's College London "Cytoskeletal protein kinases: mechanics and activation, and the unknown unknowns"
02.12.13  Diana Pippig "State of the Art in Protein SMC&P and Coupling Strategies for Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy Experiments"
22.11.13  Lukas Milles "Single molecule studies on cellulosomal proteins - simulation and experiment"
11.11.13  Aylin Meinhold Bachelor Thesis Final Talk: "Hydrogel Reagent System: A Polymerization Based Cellulase Activity Assay"
11.11.13  Victor Funk Bachelor Thesis Introductory Talk
04.11.13  Angelika Jahn Bachelor Thesis Introductory Talk
28.10.13  Ellis Durner "Kraftspektroskopie an Cohesin-Dockerinen"
14.10.13  Julian Stein Bachelor Thesis Introductory Talk
09.09.13  Aylin Meinhold Bachelor Thesis Introductory Talk: "Fluorescent Hydrogel as an Assay for Cellulase Activity -
Exploring the Parameter Space"
02.09.13  Constantin Schöler "Characterizing the building blocks of cellulosomes with single molecule force spectroscopy"
12.08.13 Marcus Otten "Microfluidics, Proteins and Forces"
05.08.13 Wolfgang Ott "Biophysics: the bioLogical way"
29.07.13 Dominik Meyer Bachelorvortrag "Titinkinase"
22.07.13 Fabian Baumann  
15.07.13 Michael Nash "Cellulosome Nanobiotechnology"
08.07.13 Christof Beer
Achim Löf
Bachelor Thesis Final Talk: „Erneuerung und Verbesserung des biophysikalischen Filmwaage-Praktikums"
01.07.13 Jochen Müller "Multimerization state of von Willebrand Factor determined by TIRF and AFM"
24.06.13 Tobias Verdorfer Master Thesis Introductory Talk:
"Hydrogel - a platform for measuring cellulase activity"
17.06.13 Dominik Meyer Bachelorvortrag "Titinkinase"
10.06.13 Stephan Heucke "Zero Mode Wave Guides"
27.05.13 Lukas Milles "Master Thesis Half Time Report"
13.05.13 Markus Jobst "Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy on Cellulosomal Proteins"
06.05.13 Klara Malinowska "Exploring new grounds - towards fluorescence microscopy of cellulosome"
29.04.13 Beer Christof
Löf Achim
08.04.13 Kyle Legate  "Regulation of T cell function by sphingosine 1-phosphate"
25.03.13 Katja Limmer "Analysis of Protein-DNA interactions by turning the Molecular Force Assay upside down"
11.03.13 Uta Wienken "Live cell (force) measuremants with the MFA"
25.02.13 Martin Benoit  
18.02.13 Daniela Aschenbrenner "Implementing Proteins into the Molecular Force Assay (MFA)" 
17.12.12 Stefan Stahl "Force-regulated protein kinases"
10.12.12 Stephan Mauell "Measuring Mechanical Properties of Human Basement Membranes by Force Spectroscopy"
03.12.12 Astrid Zeder "Force Spectroscopy of Strep-Tactin and Strep-Tag II"
26.11.12 Stefan Scheuer "Progress on the planar patch clamp AFM"
19.11.12 Diana Pippig  
15.11.12 Dr.Tobias Langerhan "Adhesion class G protein-coupled receptors - natural chimeras with unknown cell biological functions"
12.11.12 Alberth Gossmann
Jaques Scheller
"Optische Pinzette als Praktikumsversuch"
05.11.12 Fabian Baumann "Fluorescence Properties in Zero-Mode Waveguides"
30.10.12 Dr. Volker Stoldt,
Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf
"Integrins and blood clotting"
29.10.12 Jochen Müller "Validity and extension of the contact models by Hertz and Sneddon for determining elastic properties of nanostructures"
22.10.12 Constantin Schöler "Redesign of the current AFM Head"
15.10.12 Klara Malinowska "Assay and enhancement of enzymatic activity of cellulases"
01.10.12 Markus Jobst "Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy on the Cohesin-Dockerin Complex"
20.08.12 Wolfgang Ott  
06.08.12 Julian Hartmann "Single molecule force measurements of integrin V3 and 51 interactions with bronectin"
25.06.12 Marcus Otten "Microfluidics-based high-thoughput molecular force assay"
07.05.12 Stephan Heucke "Single Molecule Cut-and-Paste in Zero-Mode Waveguides"
05.03.12 Dr. Sandra Baumann "The specific fibronectin-integrin interaction investigated by single cell force microscopy"
13.02.12 Daniela Aschenbrenner "Measuring Protein-Protein-Interactions with the Molecular Force Assay"
06.02.12 Mathias Hiermaier, Fabian Baumann  
30.01.12 Astrid Zeder, Julian Hartmann  
23.01.12 Anita Ladenburger, Stephan Mauell  
16.01.12 Mathias Strackharn  
05.12.11 Stefan Stahl "Insights into the Cohesin-Dockerin interaction by AFM"
28.11.11 Philip Severin  "The Binding Force-Chip"
21.11.11 Moritz Kreysing "Optics of the retina"
14.11.11 Kyle Legate "Lipid regulation of integrin activation and force coupling to the actin cytoskeleton"
07.11.11  Ediz Sariisk "Integrin mediated cell adhesion"
24.10.11 Stefan Scheuer "Planar patch-clamp"
20.10.11 Daniel Lietha, CNIO Madrid "Focal Adhesion Kinase: A Molecular Signalling Switch"
20.10.11 Frauke Gräter, MPG-CAS Shanghai "A Molecular Force Sensor in Focal Adhesions"
20.10.11 Hermann Gaub, LMU "Pulling Kinases"
10.10.11 Diana Pippig  
07.10.11 Prof. Wenke Zhang,
Jilin University, Changchun
"Single-molecule Force Spectroscopy Study of Polymer Interactions in Real Material and Biological Systems"
01.08.11 Marcus Otten, Magnus Bauer  
25.07.11 Jan Opfer  
18.07.11 Jan Neumann  
11.07.11 Thorben Cordes  
04.07.11 Sebastian Laurien  
27.06.11 Kamilia Klamecka  
06.06.11 Henrik Lüschen,
Philip Walker, Nicolai Lilienfein
16.05.11 Michael Nash  
09.05.11 Stephan Heucke