Biophysics and Molecular Materials

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Different integrin conformations interacting with intra- and extracellular proteins
(modified image from R. Fässler)

From the large family of adhesion molecules, the integrins are in focus of our investigation. The cell reacting to external stumuli can tune their affinity to specific substrates through conformal changes of the integrins. Here we investigate the intra- and extra-cellular mechanics and forces involved in integrin mediated cellular interactions with specific binding partners. In particular we focus on αV, α5 and α2 integrins.

cell-adhesion force measurements, collagen, dentin, tendon, α2 integrins:
       Ediz Sarιιsιk                

 In collaboration with:

Denitsa Docheva (Canter)
Hauke Clausen-Schaumann (Canter)
Stefanie Sudhop  (Canter)
Reinhard Fässler     
Daniel Müller

This research is funded by:
DFG, NIM, CeNS, shenc
Ministry of education (Turkey)