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limmer2014A Force-Based, Parallel Assay for the Quantification of Protein-DNA Interactions

Katja Limmer, Diana A. Pippig, Daniela Aschenbrenner, Hermann E. Gaub
PLOS ONE, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0089626, Feb. 2014
Analysis of transcription factor binding to DNA sequences is of utmost importance to understand the intricate regulatory mechanisms that underlie gene expression. Several techniques exist that quantify DNA-protein affinity .... more

jove_2013Investigating Receptor-ligand Systems of the Cellulosome with AFM-based Single-molecule Force Spectroscopy

Markus A. Jobst, Constantin Schoeler, Klara Malinowska, Michael A. Nash
JoVE, DOI: 10.3791/50950, Dec. 2013
Cellulosomes are multienzyme complexes designed for digesting cellulose. AFM-based SMFS was used to study the mechanical properties and folding configuration of cellulosome-associated protein .... more

otten_toc_2Protein-DNA force assay in a microfluidic format

Otten M., Wolf P. and Gaub H.E.
Lab Chip, DOI: 10.1039/C3LC50830G, Aug. 2013
The detailed study of protein–DNA interactions is a core effort to elucidate physiological processes, including gene regulation, DNA repair and the immune response. The molecular force .... more

limmer_paper_01 2013Sequence-specific inhibition of Dicer measured with a force-based microarray for RNA ligands

Limmer K., Aschenbrenner D. and Hermann Gaub H.E.
Nucleic Acids Research,  Vol. 41, No. 6 e69, doi:10.1093/nar/gks1455 (2013)
Malfunction of protein translation causes many severe diseases, and suitable correction strategies may become the basis of effective therapies. One major regulatory element of protein translation is the nuclease Dicer that cuts double-stranded RNA.....more


TOC_GraphicPlacing individual molecules in the center of nanoapertures

Heucke S.F., Baumann F., Acuna G.P., Severin P., Stahl S.W., Strackharn M., Stein I., Altpeter P., Tinnefeld P. and Gaub H.E.
Nano Letters, Articles ASAP, June 6, 2013 (Letter), DOI: 10.1021/nl401517a
While nanophotonic devices are unfolding their potential for single-molecule fluorescence studies, metallic quenching and steric hindrance, occurring within these structures, raise the desire for site-specific immobilization of the molecule of interest...............more


heuckeijnthoch2013Nanoapertures for AFM-Based Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy

Heucke S.F., Puchner E.M., Stahl S.W., Holleitner A.W., Gaub H.E. and Tinnefeld P.
Int. J. Nanotechnology 10, No. 5/6/7, 607–619 (2013)
Simultaneous single-molecule force spectroscopy and microfluorescence binding measurements are often hampered by background fluorescence from the bulk. Zero-Mode Waveguides (ZMW) restrict the excited volume but require a spectial design, which allows the tip of the force probing cantilever to protrude into....... more


severin_bj_2013 Effects of Cytosine Hydroxymethylation on DNA Strand Separation

Philip M. D. Severin, Xueqing Zou, Klaus Schulten and Hermann E. Gaub
Biophysical Journal, Volume 104 January 2013 208–215, DOI: 10.1016/j.bpj.2012.11.013
Cytosine hydroxymethylation is an epigenetic control factor in higher organisms. New discoveries of the biological roles of hydroxymethylation serve to raise questions about how this epigenetic modification exerts its functions and how organisms discriminate cytosine hydroxymethylation from methylation...........more


nanoscale_pippig_strackharnNanoscale arrangement of proteins by Single-Molecule Cut & Paste

Strackharn M., Pippig D.A., Meyer P., Stahl S.W., Gaub H.E.
JACS, 134(37), 15193-6 (2012)
Protein-based nanostructures are key to the organization of life and it is their precise arrangement, which determines their specific functions. A single-molecule approach for the directed assembly of protein arrangements allows for a controlled composition of systems based on protein components. Applying antibodies and .......more

ACSNanoCover_NashSingle-Molecule Adhesion of a Stimuli-Responsive Oligo(ethylene glycol)
Copolymer to Gold

Michael A. Nash and Hermann E. Gaub
ACS Nano, 6 (12), pp 10735–10742 (2012)
Adhesion of environmentally responsive polymers to biocompatible surfaces is an important issue that has been explored in several nanobiotechnology.......more


12 Severin Small-1-1DNA–Protein Binding Force Chip

Philip M. D. Severin and Hermann E. Gaub
Nano Micro Small 8, No. 21, 3269–3273 (2012)
Force measurements provide new fundamental and complementary information on biomolecular interactions, particularly in the high and low affi nity regimes, which may hardly be obtained otherwise..............more


stahl_cohdoc-02-01Single-molecule dissection of the high-affinity cohesin–dockerin complex

Stefan W. Stahl, Michael A. Nash, Daniel B. Fried, Michal Slutzki, Yoav Barak, Edward A. Bayer and Hermann E. Gaub
PNAS 109 , No. 50, 20431–20436 (2012)
Cellulose-degrading enzyme systems are of significant interest from both a scientific and technological perspective due to the diversity of cellulase families, their unique.....more


bild puchner et alSingle-Molecule Mechanoenzymatics

Elias M. Puchner and Hermann E. Gaub
Annual Review Biophysics 41, 497-518 (2012)
The ability of cellular signaling networks to sense, process, and respond to internal and external stimuli relies on their specific detection and trans- duction based on molecular recognition. The molecular mechanisms by which force ............. more


strackharn nanoletters_2012Functional Assembly of Aptamer Binding Sites by Single-MoleculeCut-and-Paste

Mathias Strackharn, Stefan W. Stahl, Elias M. Puchner and Hermann E. Gaub
Nano Lett. 12, 2425-2428 (2012)
Bottom up assembly of functional molecular ensembles with novel properties emerging from composition and arrangement of ......more


pastedgraphic-2Peptide–Antibody Complex as Handle for Single-Molecule Cut & Paste

Mathias Strackharn, Stefan W. Stahl, Philip M. D. Severin, Thomas Nicolaus and Hermann E. Gaub
ChemPhysChem, 13, Issue 4, 914–917 (2012)
Feynman is frequently quoted for having foreseen that individ- ual atoms may be arranged one-by-one to form functional as- semblies. The seminal work by Don Eigler and colleagues convincingly proved the validity of these concepts...........more


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