Biophysics and Molecular Materials

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Welcome to the Chair of Applied Physics, Biophysics and Molecular Materials

Positions available:

PostDoc Positions / Biophysics of Force-Sensing Kinases / Designer-Cellulosomes by Single Molecule Cut & Paste

PostDoc Positions / Background in biotechnology, biophysics, and fluorescence imaging necessary

Group leaders:

     HermannGaub    benoit_cropped    lipfert_j_resized_cropped     diana_converted
      Prof. Hermann Gaub       Dr. Martin Benoit        Prof. Jan Lipfert               Dr. Diana Pippig
                (Chair)                                               (Lipfert Lab webpage)    

Research Areas:

molecular devices Kopiefuel from waste Kopieforce & function


cell adhesionsingle molecule c&p



     sackmann    prof_stierstadt   

Prof. Erich Sackmann  Prof. Klaus Stierstadt   

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