Biophysics and Molecular Materials

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Welcome to the Chair of Applied Physics, Biophysics and Molecular Materials

Positions available:

PostDoc Positions / Biophysics of Force-Sensing Kinases / Designer-Cellulosomes by Single Molecule Cut & Paste

PostDoc Positions / Background in biotechnology, biophysics, and fluorescence imaging necessary

Group leaders:

benoit_cropped     gaub    lipfert_j_resized_cropped       nash_michael      diana_converted
Dr. Martin Benoit        Prof. Dr. Hermann Gaub   Prof. Dr. Jan Lipfert        Prof. Dr. Michael Nash       Dr. Diana Pippig
                                             (Chair)               (Lipfert Lab webpage)     Now at University of Basel,
                                                                                                           Department of Chemistry

Research Areas:

molecular devices Kopie

force & function


fuel from waste Kopie  
cell adhesion single molecule c&p







Prof. Stierstadt & Prof. Sackmann

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