Biophysics and Molecular Materials

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2017 NIM NanoDay

“What does Nano generally mean? How can we harness it? What do we gain from nanoscience knowledge?” The big NIM NanoDay provided the visitors a unique insight into the world of this diverse research field.

Scientists of the Nano-Excellence Cluster NIM invited adults and children to a number of booths to engage in various experiments. Moreover, they explained in enjoyable talks how they work with Nano structures and what they can produce therefrom.

The Chair of Biophysics of Prof. Gaub as well as the AG Lipfert was represented by Franzi, Lukas and Magnus with their many creative ideas. Visitors could check out an optical trap, as well as an Atomic Force Microscope. Moreover, there was the opportunity to take pictures in a laboratory and make 3D paper models of different viruses and DNA.