Biophysics and Molecular Materials

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Prof. Dr. Michael Nash

Prof. Dr. Michael Nash


University of Basel
Department of Chemistry
Klingelbergstrasse 80
4056 Basel

Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Physik
und Center for NanoScience
Amalienstr. 54
80799 München

Room: 002
Phone: +49 (0) 89/ 2180-3162
Fax: +49 (0) 89/ 2180-2050

Further Information

Research Interests:

Protein mechanics and biomaterials, cellulosome engineering, nanoscale interfaces, molecular recognition, intelligent polymers, single-molecule assembly, thermophoresis, plasmon-enhanced spectroscopies, lipid bilayer biophysics, bioconjugate nanoparticles, biomedical diagnostics, drug delivery.

Extramural Research Awards:

  • from 03/2015   Human Frontier Science Program Young Investigator Grant (with Cheemeng Tan - UC Davis)
  • from 05/2013   ETH Zürich, Society in Science Foundation – The Branco Weiss Fellowship,
    Awarded May 2012, deferred until May 2013
  • 03/11-05/13    Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Post Doctoral Research Fellowship
  • 09/08-12/10    National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
  • 09/07-08/08    U.S. Department of Homeland Security Graduate Research Fellowship


  • 12/10 Ph.D. in Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, University of Washington, Seattle

  • 03/06 B.S. in Cybernetics with Highest Honors, University of California, Los Angeles

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

  • Schoeler, C., Bernardi, R. C., Malinowska, K. M., Durner, E., Ott, W., Bayer, E. A., Schulten, K., Nash, M. A.*, and Gaub, H.E.
    Mapping Mechanical Force Propagation Through Biomolecular Complexes
    Nano Letters, DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.5b02727, 2015
  • Malinowska, K.H., Rind, T., Verdorfer, T., Gaub, H.E., and Nash, M. A.*
    Quantifying Synergy, Thermostability, and Targeting of Cellulolytic Enzymes and Cellulosomes with Polymerization-Based Amplification
    Analytical Chemistry, 87(14): 7133-7140, 2015
  • Schoeler, C. Malinowska, K. M., Bernardi, R. C., Milles, L. F., Jobst, M. A., Durner, E., Ott, W., Fried, D. B., Bayer, E. A., Schulten, K., Gaub, H. E., and Nash, M. A.*
    Ultrastable Cellulosome-Adhesion Complex Tightens Under Load
    Nature Communications, 5: 1-35, 2014
  • Otten, M., Ott, W., Jobst, M. A., Milles, L., Verdorfer, T., Pippig, D., Nash, M. A.*, and Gaub, H.E.
    From Genes to Protein Mechanics on a Chip
    Nature Methods 11(11): 1127-1130, 2014 [Highlighted in Nat. Meth. News & Views; Cell Press Chemistry & Biology Select]
  • Malinowska, K., Verdorfer, T., Meinhold, A., Milles, L.F., Funk, V., Gaub, H.E., and Nash, M. A.*
    Redox-Initiated Hydrogel System for Detection and Real-Time Imaging of Cellulolytic Enzyme Activity
    ChemSusChem 7(10): 2825-2831, 2014 [Featured on journal cover]
  • M. Wolff, D. Braun and M.A. Nash
    Detection of Thermoresponsive Polymer Phase Transition in Dilute Low-Volume Format by Microscale Thermophoretic Depletion
    Anal. Chem. 86, 6797–6803, DOI: 10.1021/ac5008283, May 2014
  • Jobst, M. A., Schoeler, C., Malinowska, K., Nash, M. A. (2013) 
    Investigating Receptor-ligand Systems of the Cellulosome with AFM-based Single-molecule Force Spectroscopy
    JoVE, DOI: 10.3791/50950
  • Nash, M. A., and Gaub, H. E. (2012)
    Single Molecule Adhesion of a Stimuli-Responsive Oligo(ethylene glycol) Co-polymer to Gold
    ACS Nano, 6(12): 10735–10742
  • Stahl, S. W.#, Nash, M. A.#, Fried, D. B, Slutzki, M., Barak, Y., Bayer, E. A., and Gaub, H. E. (2012)
    Single-Molecule Dissection of the High-Affinity Cohesin-Dockerin Complex.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 109(50): 20431–20436
  • Nash, M. A., Waitumbi, J., Yager, P., Hoffman, A. S., and Stayton, P. S. (2012)
    Multiplexed Enrichment and Detection of Malarial Biomarkers using a Stimuli-Responsive Iron Oxide and Gold Nanoparticle Reagent System
    ACS Nano, 6(8): 6776–6785
  • Nash M. A., Hoffman J. M., Stevens D. Y., Hoffman A. S., Stayton P. S., Yager P. (2010)
    Laboratory Scale Protein Striping System for Patterning Biomolecules onto Paper Based Immunochromatographic Test Strips
    Lab on a Chip, 10(17): 2279–2282
  • Nash M. A., Lai J. J., Hoffman A. S., Yager P., Stayton P. S. (2010)
    “Smart” Diblock Copolymers as Templates for Magnetic-Core Gold-Shell Nanoparticle Synthesis
    Nano Letters, 10(1):85–91
  • Nash M. A., Yager P., Hoffman A. S., Stayton P. S. (2010)
    Mixed Stimuli-Responsive Magnetic and Gold Nanoparticle System for Rapid Purification, Enrichment, and Detection of Biomarkers
    Bioconjugate Chemistry, 21(12):2197–2204
  • Warner C. L., Addleman R. S., Cinson A. D., Droubay T. C., Engelhard M. H., Nash M. A., Yantasee W., Warner M. G. (2010)
    High Performance Superparamagnetic Nanoparticle Based Heavy Metal Sorbents for Removal of Contaminants from Natural Waters.
    ChemSusChem, 3(6):749–757 [Cover article]
  • Lai J. J., Nelson K. E., Nash M. A., Hoffman A. S., Yager P., Stayton P. S. (2009)
    Dynamic Bioprocessing and Microfluidic Transport Control with Smart Magnetic Nanoparticles in Laminar-Flow Devices
    Lab on a Chip, 9(14):1997–2002
  • Malmstadt N., Nash M. A., Purnell R. F., Schmidt J. J. (2006)
    Automated Formation of Lipid-Bilayer Membranes in a Microfluidic Device
    Nano Letters, 6(9):1961–1965.
#Equally contributing authors, *Corresponding author

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